Scoop: Despite Covid, China’s Life Expectancy Rises to 78, Surpassing U.S.’ 76.6

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Long March from 1949. Sped Up by China’s Zero-Covid Policy. US and Western media censor this big story.

New York, July 18, 2022–China has overtaken the United States in the most important race of all–the life expectancy race. But the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Fox News and most of the major American “legacy” news media have been most Orwellian, blacking out this historic and breathtaking milestone. So we scooped them.

China’s average life expectancy has now risen to 77.93, almost 78 years old, surpassing the US life expectancy which has fallen to 76.6 years.

The trend has been clear. Since 1949, Beijing under the Chinese Communist Party has been on a long march to this day. China has been expected to overtake the US in life expectancy by 2027. The fact that it has done so at least five years earlier is mostly thanks to Beijing’s “Zero-Covid” policy in the Covid-19 pandemic which has kept Chinese mainland deaths to just over 5,200 as of today.

In contrast, Washington’s de facto Herd Immunity Covid policy under Trump and Biden, with more than a million official American Covid-19 deaths and counting, is to blame for the catastrophe that the U.S. average life expectancy has fallen so quickly to 76.6 years.

China’s feat is breathtaking and monumental, especially when we consider that in 1949, China’s average life expectancy was a dismal 35. At that time, the US life expectancy was 68 years. A yawning gap of 33 years, seemingly insurmountable.

The brutal, corrupt, and incompetent reign of the US-supported Chiang Kai Shek dictatorship which ruled China from 1928 to 1949 can claim much of the credit for China’s 1949 life expectancy of 35.

But China’s historic achievement and monumental feat is apparently not news fit to print for The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, or Fox News. Or any other major American legacy news media.

China overtaking the US in life expectancy just does not fit into the American media’s and Washington’s China narrative.

Immortalism and Immortalists recognize and applaud this historic achievement. Not so much for overtaking the US, but for taking the world’s most populous nation from a life expectancy of 35 to almost 78 is a feat of governance for the ages, and for the history books.

In The Immortalist Manifesto (2001), Elixxir wrote that “In The Immortalist Society, the ALE (Average Life Expectancy) and the HLE (Healthy Life Expectancy, the number of years one can expect to remain healthy) are more important than the GDP (Gross National Product).”

“If ALE or HLE is high across the demographic spectrum, it usually means there is good, affordable, universally available health care, high literacy/good education, high levels of employment, a good safety net for hard times, and a nutritionally adequate diet.”

This is a tall order for any nation, even small ones. Now China, with a population of 1.4 billion, formerly derided as “the sick man of Asia,” has managed not merely to achieve a high life expectancy but to surpass that of the United States, the richest nation in all of history.

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