Elixxir Predicted Trump’s Conviction. Six Days Before It Happened.

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by Elixxir

On May 24, 2024, six days before there was a verdict on Donald Trump, the former U.S. president, who was being tried on 34 felony charges of falsification of business documents, Elixxir sent an email to his friends on a list with the subject line “Trump Will Be Convicted.”

It was a no-safety-net prediction. No equivocation. No hedging. Nothing prudent predictors would say like “at least a 40% chance” of Trump being convicted.

Was it a teaser to get people to open the email? And then when you do, the text equivocates as prudent pundits do.

My email text explained why I was so certain Trump will be convicted. My text was terse and to the point. It read in its entirety:

“Trump will be convicted.

This case is built on the paper trail, the paper evidence, and that is black and white.

It’s not based on Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer.

If he’s acquitted, it will show the world what a joke the American ‘justice system’ is.”

The second to last line about Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime attorney and fixer, was to remind those distracted by the US media’s narrative of Cohen’s court testimony. If you were to believe this narrative, Michael Cohen was totally discredited by Trump lawyers’ brutal cross-examinations. The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, and most other news media focused on how Trump’s attorneys’ bruising cross-exam supposedly inflicted devastating hits on Cohen’s credibility.

Before this fatally-flawed analysis of Cohen’s court performance, quite a bit of the running commentary on “Stormy Daniels” previous testimony insinuated that Trump’s lawyers’ cross-exams dented her credibility if not her breasts. On the contrary, when the twelve jurors saw “Stormy Daniels” irl (in real life), they got it at once why The Donald would want to shut her up and kill her story, in the midst of his presidential campaign.

If you’ve been following this case carefully, you would have heard right from the getgo quite a few pundits, attorneys, or former prosecutors, some even reputable and paid handsomely by legacy media as their consultants, claiming that this was a weak case.

When the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Donald Trump on 34 felony counts for falsification of financial documents in a conspiracy to cover up payment of hush money to the voluptuous porn star “Stormy Daniels” whose claim of a tryst with The Donald had ignited a media firestorm which was threatening to sink Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, a common narrative or analysis in the mainstream media, even in the parts not too friendly to Trump, was that this was a wobbly case.

In light of this, Elixxir’s unequivocal prediction that Donald Trump would be convicted, six days before the jury returned its verdict convicting Trump on all 34 felony charges, was not only daringly out of the mainstream narrative but shockingly accurate. xxxx

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