What if Breakthrough Cancer Drugs Come from China? Will Washington Slap 100% Tariffs on Them?

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Elixxirville May 29, 2024–If the breakthrough cancer and heart disease drugs come from China, would Washington under a Trump or Biden or whatever regime slap an obscenely high tariff on them? Or delay or refuse to approve them?

Recently, President Joe Biden, who claims to care about lowering US carbon emissions unlike Donald Trump, recently slapped a 100% tax on EV (electric vehicles) from China which are much less expensive and even better than Tesla and other American or European EVs.

But why would Biden do such a thing? To endear himself to the car industry and its unions as he’s running for reelection in 2024.

Immortalism supports unions and workers’ rights. But when the fate of the species and the planet is at stake, shouldn’t the interests of Tesla, which Elon Musks admits can’t compete with Chinese EVs, defer to the overriding interests of our species and our planet?

Americans seem to have a very short memory. But Joe Biden did promise in his 2020 campaign for president that he was going to be the greenest American president ever. To his credit, Biden did make the US rejoin the Kyoto Climate Accords. But cheaper and better EVs are exactly what’s needed to quickly convince American car owners to replace their gasoline guzzlers with battery-run electric vehicles.

During the dark nights of the pandemic, the world has seen how fast Chinese biotech scientists decipher the Covid-19 virus for the world. The world has also seen how quickly the Chinese pharmaceutical companies came up with Covid-19 vaccines as effective and cheaper than the western ones.

So the possibility of future breakthrough drugs for heart disease, stroke, or cancer coming from China instead of from the US or EU is no longer a farfetched scenario.

But should Americans struggling with cancer, heart disease, or stroke etc life-threatening ailments be deprived of breakthrough drugs just because they happen to come from China?

Should a Trump or Biden slap extremely high tariffs on them and make these life-saving medicine unaffordable to the average American? Should the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) bar them just because they’re from China?

Who would they be protecting with such protectionist measures? Answer: Big Pharma. Which as you know needs no protection at all.

Should Washington play geopolitics with your life or that of your loved ones?

Absolutely not! Washington should be protecting the lives of the millions of Americans who die of heart disease, stroke, and cancer or other major disease-killers every year, without fail.