Phoenix Heat Wave Plus Blackouts Could Kill Tens of Thousands. So Why Did Alcor, a Cryonics Freezer, Pick Scottsdale, a Suburb of Phoenix?

Spread the love (July 10, 2023)–According to a new study in Environmental Science and Technology featured in the New York Times, an estimated 12,800 people will die in Phoenix, and more than half of the city’s population would require emergency room care in the event of an extended heat wave coupled with power grid failure. (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2023, 57, 22, 8245–8255) So why did Alcor, a cryonics freezer facility, choose to be located in Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, of all places?

Alcor Claims Phoenix is “Low Disaster Risk”

Alcor is certainly not oblivious to this question. We are unlikely to have been the first to ask this question. In its website, Alcor has an “About” page, and as part of this there’s a “Why Scottsdale?” section.

Incredibly, Alcor claims the reason why Scottsdale was chosen is because of its “low disaster risk.” Scottsdale, according to its research, has “very low risk of natural disasters…earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards.”

In its list of natural disasters, Alcor does not list Heat Waves.

How did Alcor’s planning miss heat waves, the natural disaster most likely for a desert metropolis like Phoenix and its suburb Scottsdale? Heat waves, more frequent and more intense, as the years and decades roll by, thanks to accelerating global warming and climate change.

Cryonicist masterminds behind Alcor believed they had figured out how to cheat The Grim Reaper his due, something which has befuddled the rest of us dimwits, How did they, how could they possibly have missed the natural disaster that was staring them in the face everytime summer came along in Scottsdale?

Why Didn’t Alcor Think Heat Waves? Or Global Warming?

Incredibly, Alcor’s planners apparently did not think of Heat Waves! Something endemic in the Sonoran desert, in any desert. And surely lethal heat waves are a natural disaster. And a natural disaster that can only intensify as the decades roll by, and global warming kicks in.

And to a cryonics freezer facility, heat waves are a potentially catastrophic natural disaster.

Extreme, extended, and frequent heat waves pose a special risk, a grave danger, with its ability to cause electrical power grid failure and extended blackouts. A nightmarish meltdown scenario for a cryonics freezer facility.

For the past week and this week, “Extreme Heat Warning” weather has been afflicting Scottsdale and Phoenix with melting temperatures, posing a lethal danger to its population, especially its older residents. Among them are some of Alcor’s most faithful, mostly seniors and most vulnerable to heat waves, living in the Phoenix area in the hope of procuring the best possible “cryopreservation” by virtue of proximity.

But instead, are they seriously increasing their risk for a premature “deanimation”? [Alcor’s sci-fi jargon for death]

Catastrophe Will Hit Scottsdale…Sooner or Later

Sooner or later this catastrophe in metro Phoenix will happen. Right now, in July of 2023, metro Phoenix is experiencing up to 18 consecutive days of “Extreme Heat Alert.” As Scottsdale is part of metro Phoenix, and the location of Alcor, one of only two cryonics freezer facilities in the United States, Scottsdale too is being stir fried.

Since almost everyone in the greater Phoenix area needs to turn on their air-conditioning full blast just to survive a severe heat wave, the chances of an electricity grid collapse greatly increases in an extended and extreme heat wave such as the one currently punishing the greater Phoenix area which of course includes Scottsdale.

Thanks to global heating, and the fact that greater Phoenix (and Scottsdale, Alcor’s location) is basically land reclaimed from the Sonoran desert, such extended heat waves as the one gripping Scottsdale and Phoenix now are going to be more frequent and longer.

It’s part of the desertification process going on in the American Southwest. And it won’t stop till metropolitan Phoenix and its Scottsdale suburb return to the desert.

So the catastrophe predicted by this new study is very foreseeable. Sooner or later, it will happen. In fact, it will most likely happen again and again.xxxx

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