Herd Immunity or Zero Covid? What Covid-19 Policy For an ImmorTalist State?

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New York, February 1, 2023–Given the choice between the United States’ “Herd Immunity” policy and China’s “Zero Covid” policy, what would an Immortalist State choose? A hard choice? A close call? An ethical or privacy dilemma? Not at all. For the ImmorTalist state, or any state that prioritizes Human Life over Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the choice could not be more obvious. It’s Zero Covid.

Looking at the results for the first three years up to December 7, 2022–1.1 million U.S. Covid deaths versus 5,235 China Covid deaths, there can only be one correct choice, and that’s Zero Covid.

With regard to a mortal’s ultimate human right–the right to life, there can only be one correct choice, and it’s “Zero Covid.”

If Washington, whether with Trump or Biden as front man, had been “Pro-Life” enough to embrace Zero Covid, Americans would not have suffered an official count of 1.1 million Covid deaths, and counting. (And 1.1 million American deaths is a serious underestimate.)

Washington’s 1.1 Million Covid Deaths

Washington’s “Herd Immunity” Covid policy (rebranded as “Living with Covid” under Biden) has spawned the biggest and bloodiest catastrophe that has ever hit these divided states of America. Not even the U.S. Civil War, the long-reigning champion when it comes to U.S. deaths in war–could come close to the number of U.S. Covid deaths from 2020 to 2022 (the first three years).

When it comes to judging Covid-19 pandemic performance, history will not forget.

The Trump and Biden regimes both knew/know who are most at risk: the 65-and-above, those battling cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, minorities and working-class whites in service jobs, and those who are obese. So the disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths among these demographics were not surprising at all. Rather, they were entirely predictable and foreseeable, and thus very culpable.

Beijing’s Zero Covid: Human Lives Over GDP

When it comes to Zero Covid, Beijing owns it.

Other countries have adopted and adapted China’s Zero Covid. But China was the first to create and implement “Zero Covid” and the first to show that it can literally stamp out Covid-19, even in a nation of over 1.4 billion, with some of the most densely-populated cities on this planet.

And remember, Beijing was able to flatline the dreaded Covid-19 death curve, within a few months, when there were no Covid vaccines!

So China has conclusively proven to the history books that the Covid-19 pandemic can not only be controlled, it can also be squashed even before the arrival of Covid vaccines.

In the first three years of this virulent pandemic, from 2020 to December of 2022, Beijing’s Zero Covid policy was phenomenally effective in protecting the Chinese people from Covid-19, resulting in just over 5,200 Covid deaths, in contrast to the 1.1 million American Covid deaths. (China’s population is 4.24 times bigger than the United States’.)

China’s Zero Covid is one for the history books. It is unprecedented and unparalleled in the annals of pandemics. This most astounding feat of governance in the most devastating pandemic since the 1918 flu is unlikely to be surpassed for a very long time. And most definitely not by Washington.

Why is China’s Zero Covid so important to Immortalism? It proves that it’s possible for a nation with the world’s largest population of 1.4 billion people to place human lives above the GDP, and still outperform the U.S. and E.U. GDP’s.

It shows that an Immortalist state is economically feasible.

Elixxir is the Immortalist philosopher and author of Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto. All Rights Reserved.
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