Contrary to Washington’s False Narrative, China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Policy Was Unprecedented Historic Success

Spread the love Dec. 19, 2022–Don’t let the New York Times, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Fox News, Wall Street Journal or whatever western media you follow fool you! They may be mostly right on some things like Donald Trump, but their narrative on China’s “zero covid” policy is completely false. In fact, it’s a big lie.

As of December 7, 2022, the People’s Republic of China has suffered only 5,235 Covid-19 deaths in almost three years of the Covid-19 pandemic under Beijing’s “zero Covid” policy. In glaring and damning contrast, the U.S. has racked up close to 1.1 million official Covid deaths.

The irrefutable truth: China’s “zero Covid” policy, which Beijing pursued up to December 7, 2022, has saved millions of Chinese lives.

It is by far the most successful Covid-19 policy in the whole world in the past three years.

Germany, France, UK (before its E.U. exit), Italy, Spain, Sweden–the major European Union (E.U.) allies of Washington–have all managed to follow the U.S. “herd immunity” template hatched under the Trump regime. Not surprisingly, they have performed just as badly as the U.S. Or even worse. To the deadly detriment of their own people.

Recognized by the World Health Organization (W.H.O), China’s Covid-19 statistics not only debunks Washington and its compliant U.S. and E.U. media’s Orwellian narrative, it also exposes, indicts, and, yes, convicts it as a Big Lie.

A big lie which tries to turn one of China’s greatest achievements in governance into one of its biggest failures.

But History–no longer in the sole control of the West–will remember and judge. xxxx

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