The Immortalist Manifesto’s Basic Thesis

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We are either the last generation to grow old and die, or the first to stay young and live forever. We Immortalists choose to be the first to stay young and live forever.

History is the story of our quest for immortality.

The Fear of Death and the Desire for Immortality are the primary motivations and moving force in mortal life and history.

Our instinct for survival precedes classes, economic and social systems, class struggle, and modes of production.

Our mortal body has been our most basic mode of production. It has not changed since the dawn of Homo Sapiens. Now with the help of science, medicine, and technology, the mortal body is about to change its very essence.

The goal of Civilization is the conquest of Death. Civilization is our vehicle to vanquish Death.

The meaning of life is life. The purpose of life is more and better life.

The Breakthroughs are coming!

For the first time in history, we have the Science and the Technology to make our most ancient and undying dream come true.

But to maximize the probability that The Breakthroughs will come in time to save us, the Cure of Disease, Old Age and Death must be society and government’s number one priority.

The rationale for The Immortalist Agenda: we cannot be truly free or happy till we have banished Disease, Old Age and Death. Also, short-lived mortals don’t make good greens; we don’t really give a damn about global heating, climate crisis and biodiversity collapse in 2100 or later…unless we live long enough, or can imagine ourselves living long enough, to have a stake in that future.

Will The Breakthroughs come in time to save us? Will they be affordable and available to us? What can we do to optimize the chances that they do? Will Government and Society do what it takes to fend off the worst of global heating, climate crisis and biodiversity collapse? These are the overriding questions of our time. Their answers will decide our fate.

To buy more Time, we need The Immortalist Diet and The Immortalist Lifestyle.

After a century of biomedical research, after half a century of the “the war on cancer,” why still no cure?

No cure for Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and Obesity. Why?

Reason #1: Our paradigm for biomedical research — cancer research, heart disease research, stroke research, Alzheimer’s, obesity research etc. — is fatally flawed. It fixates research on the symptoms of aging, instead of zeroing in on human aging, the master disease syndrome, which spawns them.

If HIV/AIDS research had spent all its monies on symptoms of AIDS such as Kaposi sarcoma, Pneumocytis pneumonia, and lymphoma, instead of focusing on the HIV virus, there would have been no breakthroughs still, no antiretroviral drugs.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, obesity are all diseases of human aging and they will be cured only when we cure human aging.

Our major killers are all symptoms of aging. Cure aging and its symptoms will vanish.

Reason #2: Dramatically increased funding for aging research is needed if we are to cure cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, alzheimer’s, and obesity.

As we can see from the lesson of HIV/AIDS breakthroughs saving millions, the correct research paradigm is needed to produce the game-changing Breakthroughs we desperately need.

The need for a universal health care system to ensure access to all who need the anti-aging health-preserving life-extending breakthrough drugs or vaccines is seen in the fact that decades after their discovery, the lifesaving antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS are still not available (not affordable) to hundreds of millions of poor people in poor countries. And even poor people in rich countries like the United States.

After more than three decades since the first arrival of antiretrovirals, 1 out of 3 people who know they are HIV+ still do not have access to the lifesaving antiretrovirals. In 2019, globally, despite antiretrovirals which could have saved them, up to almost a million people died of AIDS globally.

So just because there will be anti-aging life-extending medicine in the future does not mean that you will have access to them. Unless you are rich or powerful, or rich and powerful.

To ensure that every mortal who needs or desires The Breakthroughs get them, we need to make access to The Breakthroughs our most fundamental human right. To do this, we must make universal health care a basic human right. And ensure that The Breakthroughs will be covered by a universal health care system.

The Breakthroughs are not guaranteed to come in time to save us; they must be made to. Also, The Breakthroughs must be made affordable. This is why we urgently need a great Immortalist Movement to push this agenda.

We also need an Immortalist Party, one able to create The Immortalist State.

An Immortalist movement that is powerful and effective. An Immortalist Party that is capable of winning political power and of creating an Immortalist State to pursue the Immortalist agenda of curing Disease, Old Age and Death.

As many Immortalist States as possible, especially in the scientifically advanced nations, to make The Breakthroughs come as soon as possible!


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Note: The above theses summarize the key points of Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The Immortalist Manifesto. New revised 2021 edition.