No Breakthroughs Without The ImmorTalist Movement

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Why a mass movement instead of a debating society? Because a mass movement is the fastest way to change the worldview of our society from Mortalist to Immortalist, It’s also the fastest way to transform our biomedical research paradigm from mortalist to immortalist.

And this paradigm shift will mean new effective treatments or downright cures for cancers, heart disease, stroke, alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and other top killers.

No significant social or political change has ever happened without a mass movement. This is a historical fact. The #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements are simply the latest evidence of this.

Why a Movement?

The reason why no change without a movement? No status quo, no establishment, no powers that be is going to change until and unless we make it. No government or system will reform itself, much less give up power, until forced to.

The Civil Rights, Feminist, Anti-War, Hippies, Free Love/Sexual Liberation, Environmental, Gay and Lesbian movements of the 1960s and 1970s and the ACT-Up movement against AIDS in the 1980s have proven this, and have shown us the way.

We need a real ImmorTalist movement! And it must be the most powerful, audacious, implacable, steamrolling, bone-crunching revolutionary movement in all of mortal history!

Since the Pseudo-Immortalists have been at it since the early 1960s and have shown that they have no clue on how to churn up a real ImmorTalist Movement, and since consequently they and their sci-fi technopian schemes or “libertarian” faith have produced NO Breakthroughs whatsoever, we can be quite confident that they are not the way to an ImmorTalist movement worthy of its name.

Without a Movement, We’re Dead

Without such an ImmorTalist movement, there will be no breakthroughs in the war on cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and all the other aging-linked plagues butchering us.

Without such a Movement, The Breakthroughs will not come in time to save you or me. They probably won’t even arrive in time to save your children and your grandchildren.

Without such an ImmorTalist Movement, there will be no breakthroughs in aging research. And aging research will not dare to become anti-aging research. And certainly not youth-extension, not life-extension and never ever age-reversal research.

The only hope for the 76 million “baby boomers” in the U.S. And billions more worldwide born after the Second World War is an ImmorTalist movement.

In fact, it’s the only hope even for a twenty-something or a precocious ten year old reading this now.

Without an ImmorTalist Movement, Americans, especially the tens of millions who cannot afford any health insurance, will have to keep on waiting for a universal health care system.

Without an ImmorTalist movement, we can never compel any government of The Death Society to do whatever it takes to avoid the worst nightmares of global heating, climate crisis, mass species extinction and nuclear holocaust.

In other words, without an effective Immortalist movement, we’re doomed!

We need the greatest movement in all of mortal history to usher in the next stage of our evolution from Mortal to Post-Mortal.

Without such a Movement, you are sure to get sick, sure to grow old and sure to die. You can be certain that it’s merely a matter of time before you too will be six feet under, pushing daisies, and serving as worm food.

Excerpt from Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto by Elixxir. New Revised 2020 Edition.
Copyright by Elixxir. All Rights Reserved.

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