A New Politics: ImmorTalist Politics

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No more settling for crumbs from the Mortalist funding table. Let’s take over the table and sit at its head.

No more squandering priceless Time trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Mortalist regimes and parties are beyond salvaging.

No more playing the Mortalist game with its lethal rules and the same endgame in which we get sick, grow old, die.

Let’s wise up and play another game: our game. The ImmorTalist Game. In which we have a real shot at the Grand Prize of Life.

The Politics of Life & Bliss

Let’s create a new kind of politics. Immortalist Politics. The politics of Life and Bliss.

No to the Politics of Blood, Sweat and Tears! No to the Politics of Sacrifice! No to the appeasement of the Mortalist gods!

Our campaigns and our candidates believe in the Politics of Life and Bliss. Your happiness and your survival is our agenda.

And we know you can never truly be happy until you are liberated from the specter of Disease, Old Age and Death (D.O.D.).

Anyone who cannot love should be disqualified from public office. Anyone who claims not to like sex is either a liar or a pervert.

Yes, our ImmorTalist candidates can love, can make love, while they are campaigning. We practice the politics of joy.

Don’t you get it? Never support any Mortalist politician. Because they are people who worship Blood, Sweat and Tears, and so have no qualms in demanding that of you.

Excerpt from chapter “Why The ImmorTalist Party” in Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto (Hardcover 2010) by Elixxir. All Rights Reserved. 2010 & 2020.