Aubrey de Grey’s Nonsense ‘Cure’ for Cancer

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“WILT is clearly nonsense, and the main reason why so few scientists take him (Aubrey de Grey) seriously. This has nothing to do with disliking Aubrey or seeing him as a competitor or whatever. WILT is just sheer nonsense.”

Who said this about Aubrey de Grey’s so-called “cure” for cancer? Jan Vijg, Ph.D., respected cancer researcher and gerontologist and holder of an endowed Chair in Molecular Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. (Quoted in the book “Long for This World” by Jonathan Weiner.)

What does Aubrey de Grey claim is the “cure” for cancer? Take the telomerase gene out of our bodies!

Aubrey de Grey gives his scheme the acronym WILT. It stands for “Whole-Body Interdiction of Lengthening of Telomeres.” de Grey’s epiphany came over a glass of beer. What else?

If Martin Luther had his epiphany about “salvation by faith alone” while he was sitting on the john, why can’t Aubrey de Grey have his over a pint of beer in a pub?

While someone else might conclude that de Grey had a bit too much beer, de Grey insists he’s come up with the “proper cure” for all forms of cancer — that perennial scourge of humanity.

In his book, Jonathan Weiner, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, describes de Grey’s epiphany as “a disastrous idea.”

Why? “Because without telomerase the body could no longer regenerate itself in the places that need regeneration most. Our skin and the lining of our gut, our outer and inner linings…,” Weiner explains.

According to Weiner, Jan Vijg is one of the few “supporters” of Aubrey de Grey in the field of gerontology. The fact is Aubrey de Grey has little or no credibility among reputable gerontologists. If he is still a “supporter” after de Grey’s cancer-cure fiasco, Dr. Jan Vijg must be a very generous man. Perhaps generous to a fault.

Considering Dr. Vijg’s devastating assessment of de Grey’s cancer-cure as “clearly nonsense” or “sheer nonsense,” the question which begs to be answered is: how can Vijg, a respected cancer and aging researcher, possibly support de Grey in any way after de Grey’s ridiculous cancer “cure” scheme?

Come to think of it, how can anyone?

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