Fact: Universal One-Payer Health Care System is Cheaper!

The United States, alone without a universal health care system among the rich countries, spends over 17% of its GDP on health care. Despite this much spending, it leaves out in the cold over 33 million Americans (and over 11% of U.S. adults) without any health care coverage whatsoever.
The Swedish universal one-payer health care system spends only 11.9% of its GDP on health care. Canada 10.4%. France, which spends 11.5% of its GDP on health care, has one of the world’s best health care systems.
Cuba, with one of the best universal one-payer health care systems in the “developing” countries, spends 11.1% of its GDP on health care.
Conclusion & Fact: Countries that provide universal health care (coverage to their entire population) end up spending much less of their GDP on health care.
Source: OECD, 2015

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