Why Transhumanists Hate Elixxir?

We are Immortalist, but definitely not Transhumanist.
And this is why the Transhumanist cultists led by Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey and their minions are foaming at the mouth, attacking us below the belt.
We wear their shrill and unhinged personal attacks as a badge of honor.

**It is because they are unable or incapable of debating us fairly and frontally on the issues we raise that they have to resort to such below-the-belt attacks and brazen falsehoods.*
Instead of being able to debate and defeat us on the issues, on the arguments, with logic and reason and facts, they can only resort to disinformation and smears which they hope will dissuade people from reading Elixxir’s manifesto. Just like the Catholic Church did not want people to read the Bible for themselves and decide for themselves.

The difference between ImmorTalists of the Elixxir sort and Transhumanists of the Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey ilk?
1) Elixxir is happy to be a human. Unlike Transhumanism, a cult of self-hating humans, whose wet dream is to morph into robots.
Surprise, surprise. We Immortalists like being human just fine.
In fact we like being human and life so much we’d like to hang around not only for a miserly 70 or 80 years, but indefinitely.

2) Elixxir and his supporters are not politically naive like the Transhumanist cult. We do not for one moment believe that immortality can be had without a struggle. A massive political struggle.
Why? Because extending lifespan significantly, not to mention indefinitely, changes everything.
Our society and all its institutions from marriage to family to retirement are based on us dying within an “average” human lifespan.
If we change the average lifespan to let’s say ninety or a hundred, then it affects all these insitutions. Everything.
So when Kurzweil and de Grey talk about attaining immortality, and assume that somehow we will still have the same kind of Jungle Capitalism, with the same gross inequality in the population, they are revealing their own wishful thinking, or political naivete.
In “Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto,” Elixxir shows why the Big Prize of Immortality will not be given to us by some kind of magical wand waved by transhumanist evangelists like Kurzweil and de Grey.
To conquer Disease and Death would require Politics with a big P.
The biggest, most potent, most relentless global movement pushing every government to invest heavily in scientific and medical research on Disease, Old Age and Death.
This will take a huge political struggle. As you can see from the budgets, such life-saving research is almost rock-bottom in terms of government priorities. And this is why Elixxir say we all still live in The Death Society.

3) We do not believe in Prophet Kurzweil’s so-called “law of Acclerating Change.” There is no such law!
It is a cheap “invention.” A figment of Ray’s fevered wishful thinking.
Kurzweil took the so-called Moore’s Law, which was supposed to apply to computer chips only, and decreed ex cathedra that it now applies to all technologies.
And based on this “law” that he singlehandedly conjured, he would have us believe in the inevitability of his so-called “Synchronicity.”
As Elixxir has repeatedly pointed out, “Synchronicity” is nothing but the Christian Fundamentalist belief in and doctrine of “the Rapture.” When all twice-born true-believing Christians will be conveniently gathered up into the skies, into Heaven, and thus avoid all the pesky trials and tribulations raining down on the rest of poor wretched humanity. This Houdini-esque escape includes escape from Disease and Death naturally. And all in the nick of Time. That is, within the conceivable lifespans of Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey.
Were it so easy! If only we really scientific ImmorTalists could believe in all this mumbo-jumbo. But the stakes are too high.

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© 2013, admin. All rights reserved.

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