Trump a Mass Murderer? Impeachable Offense?

A Harvard Medical School study published in September 2010 found that nearly 45,000 Americans die every year in the United States because of lack of health insurance. This means 450,000 deaths in the U.S. every ten years. Due to lack of health insurance. That’s roughly half a million needless, premature, preventable deaths caused by the U.S. government and its capitalism every decade. Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s “solution”? Take away health insurance from up to tens of millions more. And cut off – yes, terminate! — payments to insurance companies selling Obamacare plans.

What does this mean? It means most likely the number of Americans dying annually due to lack of health insurance will skyrocket beyond 45,000. Trump the multibillionaire can’t understand why everyone cannot afford to buy their own health insurance. Or why anyone would need Obamacare to get life-saving health insurance.

When Trump cut off federal payments to insurance companies for offering Obamacare, so-called Obamacare (The Affordable Health Care Act) was and still is the law of the land. Three times Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate — the gang that can’t shoot straight — failed to repeal Obamacare, which while far from the ideal of a single-payer universal health care system, has given over 20 million more Americans life-saving health care.

Refusing to admit defeat, Trump publicly threatens to sabotage and destroy Obamacare (i.e. the current functioning improved health care system of the United States!). He vowed to take measures to make it implode. Some in media thought he was bluffing. But the Bully-in-Chief’s malice and venom should never be underestimated.

Now in any country, with an accountable government, if its head of state decided to sabotage and implode its health care system by refusing to allow the government to pay insurers as the law promises, that head of state won’t be head of state for long. He would be impeached. For it is no less egregious than a prosecutor refusing to implement federal or state criminal laws, and openly bragging about his intent to sabotage and implode the criminal prosecutorial system.

If that’s not an impeachable offense, then what is? It makes a farce of presidential accountability.

By doing so, Donald Trump makes himself a murder — a mass murderer! — of American citizens and residents. The death toll will be more, much more, than 45,000 a year.

But it is not just the crime of one man. Without the heinous and damnable complicity of the Republican Party in Congress and the White House staff, this would not be possible. If the President of the United States is not obligated to carry out a major piece of legislation passed by the U.S. Congress, which has become our current functioning health care system, what pray tell is he obligated to do?

The American Sniper in Las Vegas was theatrically denounced by our Fuhrer as “pure evil.” No doubt the guy was evil. But he only had a few weapons to kill at most 59 people. Trump, by cutting off the federal payments to insurance companies which sell health care plans, will no doubt kill more Americans a year, each and every year, than the Vegas sniper.
Copyright 2011, 2017 (Partly adapted from “Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto” by Elixxir)

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