Why Aubrey de Grey is Dead Wrong

Pseudo-Immortalism’s so-called “leaders” have got it all wrong.
Ray Kurzweil is one of their stars. Aubrey de Grey is another.
Mr. de Grey claims that the public is in an “pro-aging trance.”
Tell this to the multi-billion-dollar cosmetics, plastic surgery, diet and fashion industries!
Despite all the facts and analysis presented to him in Elixxir’s open letter, de Grey insists: “Thus, of the four communities that might make a difference to the pace of the relevant (anti-aging) research, the one which there is no point whatever in directly lobbying is the government.” (italics added)
One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
To be so cocksure that one is imperially right when one is so damnably wrong is no virtue.
Especially for a “leader.”
Has Mr. de Grey ever heard of the Abolitionist, Labor, Suffragete, Feminist or Civil Rights movements?
How about Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement against the British Empire?
How about the gay liberation movement?
How about the ACT UP movement which successfully pushed the anti-gay Reagan regime to dramatically increase funding for AIDS research?
The list goes on and on and on.
Every social or political leap has been achieved through a mass movement.
The fact that Aubrey de Grey is ignorant of this glaring fact disqualifies him as leader or spokesperson of any movement with any future or hope of success.
Only a moribund “movement” with no future would accept someone like Aubrey de Grey as one of its leading lights and talking heads. It makes for very dim lighting and wits indeed.
Aubrey de Grey…who dares to dream the biggest dream of immortality (or a lifespan of a thousand years, or an indefinitely extended lifespan)…cannot even imagine that the alleged “pro-aging trance” of society — if it exists — could possibly be altered.
Our Aubrey still doesn’t get it.
It is the mission of a political movement to challenge, subvert, overturn, and transform the most established, the most accepted, the most inviolable public opinions, social traditions and mores.
If de Grey has read any 20th and 21st century history at all, he would have seen that a viable movement can fundamentally transform public consciousness in an amazingly short time.
Excerpted from “Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto” Copyright by Elixxir.
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