U.S. Refuses to Count Swine Flu Cases; Protects Economy Over Lives

The U.S. Mortalist Regime has deliberately stopped counting swine flu cases.

Shocking and scandalous but true.  And the U.S. media has been mute on this scandal until an Associated Press article yesterday broke the story which has not been widely picked up or given the prominence such a story deserves  by most of the U.S. media.

Was it an accidental oversight? No money in budget for counting?  No, as the AP story bluntly pointed out in its second paragraph: “they (the U.S. health officials) did it on purpose.”

Now why would U.S. health officials do such a thing when by their own count the swine flu deaths in the U.S.  has already exceeded 600 deaths.  And  76 of these deaths are children.  And counting. (Or not counting.)

The obvious explanation: the U.S. government is more worried about not hurting the collapsing economy than about saving Americans from dying from swine flu.

And most of the U.S. media is toeing the party line by attempting to blackout the mounting deaths.

Can there be any doubt that we live in a Death Society as The ImmorTalist Manifesto points out?

A society in which the economy’s next month’s performance is much more important than the lives of perhaps 50,000 American children?

Whatever the final death toll, it is likely to be much more than the roughly 3,000 deaths of 9/11.   And it will be in large part due to the regime refusing to treat swine flu for what it is: a national health emergency of the first magnitude.


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