U.S. Media Blacks Out Pope’s Denunciation of Capitalism & Globalization

Sept. 23, 2013 — The new Pope denounces U.S. led and U.S. style Capitalism and Globalization in no uncertain terms. He denounces Capitalism and Globalization and the imposition of its hellish “austerity” regimes in the strongest terms. Yet it is almost totally blacked out by the U.S. Media. What did the Pope say? Let us quote from Reuters, which is the only wire service so far which has given this story coverage. Reuters story says:

“The pope made clear that his assessment was not limited to the local situation.

“It is not a problem of Italy and Europe … It is the consequence of a world choice, of an economic system that brings about this tragedy, an economic system that has at its centre an idol which is called money,” he said to the cheers of the crowd.

This story should have been front page headline news in print and on cable and on radio. But it is almost nowhere to be found! Not in The New York Times (all the news that’s fit to ignore?). Nor can it be found in The Washington Post. Nor in the Wall Street Journal. Or on CNN. Or Fox. Or the other cable news outlets.

According to the Reuters story, “(Pope) Francis said globalization had brought with it a culture where the weakest in society suffered the most and often, those on the fringes “fall away”, including the elderly, who he said were victims of a “hidden euthanasia” caused by neglect of those no longer considered productive.”

“To defend this economic culture, a throwaway culture has been installed. We throw away grandparents, and we throw away young people. We have to say no to his throwaway culture. We want a just system that helps everyone,” (Pope Francis) said.”

Yes, even the Pope now sees how unacceptable, unsustainable this so-called regime of “austerity.” Gluttony for the filthy rich, but austerity for the 90%. This rampant unemployment, coupled with the brutal slashing of the social welfare safety net, and the most brazen redistribution of income and wealth to the Filthy Rich and Big Business, has got to stop, has got to go.

Even the Pope sees how this is arousing the masses all over Europe, all over the world. Including the Catholic faithfuls. So if he does not speak out, side with them, he would have lost every shred, every iota of credibility.

Even the Pope, the Vatican, usually the bastion of the most reactionary rhetoric and positions, sees that we have to say NO to this U.S. imposed New World Order. This Globalization of Unemployment, inequality, injustice, this mindless needless destruction of hundreds of millions of lives, the young and the old, has got to stop.

But apparently, the U.S. media has no such fear, nor has it any scruples. To black out news of this significance is not only tantamount to censorship, it is censorship. And it exposes how the U.S. media — including the august New York Times and Washington Post — play a very propagandistic and censorious role indeed.

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