The ImmorTalist Lifestyle

The Elixxir Lifestyle is a nonconformist’s lifestyle. It is one of scandalous impropriety.

“Propriety” is a Mortalist virtue. It requires submission to a life of toil, repression and unhappiness. And it demands surrender to D.O.D. (Disease, Old Age & Death).

We ImmorTalists refuse to kowtow to a life of mindless toil, of relentless repression, of desperate unhappiness. We do not believe in living for the next generation — or for the “next life.”

We are neither prim nor proper. We are downright scandalous.

To insist on staying young forever is the biggest scandal in The Death Society.

We ImmorTalists are notorious.

Notoriety comes from breaking the rules. We are rule-breakers.

The ultimate rule: you must grow old and die. We spit on the ultimate rule.

We ImmorTalists are “irresponsible.” We’re not as interested in making a living as in making a life.
Unlike the Mortalist vulgarians, we refuse to squander our lives hoarding up filthy lucre.

Multiple lives, multiple personas. This is The Elixxir Lifestyle.

Excerpted from “Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto” by Elixxir. All Rights Reserved.
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