The ImmorTalist Interpretation of History

History is the story of our quest for immortality.

The Fear of Death and the Desire for Immortality are the primary motivations in human life and history.

The goal of human history and civilization is the conquest of Death.

The meaning of life is life. The goal of life is more and better life.

Human history is a protracted battle against Death. It is the history of our individual and collective efforts to escape the clutches of mortality — the history of our unflagging desire for immortality.

The goal of human history is simple and unchanging: it is to break out from the chains of mortality.

What seems to be the problem? Death! What else?

Contrary to the propaganda of The Death Ideology, even Jesus was “greatly distressed and troubled” in the face of death. (Mark 14:33)

To be afraid of Death is not only universal, it is also natural. Our Fear of Death arises from our Instinct for Self-Preservation.

Therefore, to accept Old Age and Death is nothing less than the perversion of our most basic biological instincts.

Mortality is the unique problem of the human species. Homo Sapiens is the only species burdened with full consciousness of its finiteness. This awareness of our mortality is intolerably complicated by our capacity to dream of an immortal state.

The question of the rich young ruler in the gospels has always been the question: what must we do to gain eternal life?

Throughout history, many answers have been given. By prophets, magicians, priests, mystics, hermits, alchemists, philosophers, artists, kings, rebels and revolutionaries. Countless creeds and ideologies purport to show us the way. They have, in the final analysis, fallen short and failed.

This is why no one answer has emerged as the answer. This is why the quest continues.

We cannot shut off our consciousness of Death completely. We cannot be distracted from its shadow all the time. Nor can our capacity for denial protect us ultimately.

Death is a biological problem. Therefore, it demands a biological solution.

This is why the “answers” given by religion, philosophy, art and politics to the problem of Death are too ineffective, too impractical, too abstract.

Any “answer” or “solution” which cannot cure Disease, Old Age & Death is sophistry, deception, a cruel hoax.

Excerpt from Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto by Elixxir. Hardcover edition. Pages 71-72.
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