‘Sin’ and Death

Death did not come into the world because of sin. Sin came into the world because of Death.
Our mortality is not a consequence of sin. Our sinfulness is a consequence of our mortality.
“Sin” is simply the negative and destructive manifestation of our struggle against Death.
Our fear of Death has produced not only the creative energy and light called genius. It has also spawned all our destructive orgies of evil.
What is human evil but our flight from oblivion?
Death gives us a Tolstoy, a Van Gogh, a Dostoyevsky, a Melville and a Tchaikovsky. But it also curses us with our Hitlers, our garden-variety serial murderers, and our killer-kids who want to die in “a blaze of glory.”
The artistic mode of struggle against Death seeks symbolic immortality by leaving behind footprints in art and literature.
The nihilistic mode of struggle against Death attempts to deny human impotence by playing an omnipotent god of destruction who metes out Life and Death.
The killer-kids in Colorado and elsewhere who snatched their fifteen minutes of fame by turning their schools into killing fields were acting out this god-of-destruction role to the hilt.
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