Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto

“Disease, Old Age and Death are no longer necessary or acceptable. We are either the last to grow old and die, or the first to stay young and live forever. We choose to be the first to stay young and live forever.” This defiant visionary declaration from Elixxir, the ImmorTalist philosopher and author of Cure Disease, Old Age & Death: The ImmorTalist Manifesto.

But The Manifesto is not only for those who wish to “Stay young and save the world!” It's also for anyone facing a life-threatening disease, the ravages of Old Age, and the prospect of Death.

The Good News: Science and Medicine are on the verge of solving the riddles of Disease, Aging & Death.

The Bad News: It won't come in time to save you unless there is a powerful movement to push to make The Breakthroughs our societies and governments' Number One Priority.

“9/11 killed about 3,000 people. A one-time tragedy. Heart Disease kills over 600,000 Americans each year. Cancer kills over half a million Americans each year. Stroke kills 136,000 Americans in one year. Over 2 million dead from Killer-Diseases Every Year.
667 Times 9/11. In One Year. Every Year.”

Yet while the U.S. government has blank checks for Wall Street Bailouts and reckless, needless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, it claims to have crumbs only for research on cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis.

And aging research at the National Institute on Aging, the best hope for 76 million aging baby boomers, has been poorly funded, and its research paradigm fatally flawed.

Product Description

“(The life-saving Breakthroughs) won’t just happen, argues the (ImmorTalist) Manifesto: it must be made to happen.” — Michael Rae, Co-Author of Aubrey de Grey

“A Paradigm Shift…Powerful, Original, Profound, Movingly Right!” — Rudi Hoffman, Cryonics Book Reviewer

“The question no longer is ‘Will it happen?’ But rather ‘When?'” — New York Times (on consensus of anti-aging researchers on lifespan of 200 years)

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