NYTimes, Wash Post & Most Major U.S. Media Ignore Ominous 400 ppm CO2 ‘Milestone’

CO2 in atmosphere reaches 400 ppm. This is what climate scientists have warned us is going to happen, but must be prevented or at least delayed at all costs. But here it is. Despite the years of economic recession.

This is ominous news pointing to catastrophe. Whether sea rises 16 feet or 131 feet more, we are talking about the collapse of human civilization as we know it. And perhaps the extinction — or near extinction — of Homo Sapiens.
Most of this disastrous increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide happened only during the last two hundred years. In fact, much of it happened disproportionately after the Second World War — with the triumph of the U.S., and its export of The American Lifestyle to the world. These are irrefutable historical facts. Which of course The New York Times, Washington Post, and much of the U.S. media see fit to ignore. All the important news that’s fit to not publish. To its credit, the Los Angeles Times has published a big feature story over this. But its headline makes it seem as if breaching 400 ppm is a “milestone” that we should be celebrating! And most American readers of newspapers will only glance at the headline.

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