Is Ray Kurzweil Google’s Worst Hire?

Google recently hired Ray Kurzweil, a 65 year old erstwhile inventor, to be its “director of engineering.” Funny thing is Kurzweil is not an engineer. Neither is he a “scientist.”

Ray Kurzweil is a senior citizen. Nothing wrong with that. But for an inventor, his best inventions happened decades ago. Even Albert Einstein’s days as a great scientist were over way before he hit 65.

It would be a better fit if Ray Kurzweil’s Google job description were that of “Chief Evangelist.” Why?

In the past decade or more, Kurzweil’s claim to fame is as a “futurist.” A good gig. No credentials needed. Just the audacity to make claims like immortality is just around the corner.

So is Ray Kurzweil a Google coup? Or Google’s worst hire?

Considering that he is already retirement age, and considering the fact that Kurzweil hasn’t done much inventing in the past decade or so, we are inclined to bet that this is probably one of Google’s worst hires, if not the worst.

Anyway, Ray, we are more than willing to be proven wrong! And if you can give us immortality (affordable immortality) without turning us into Google serfs, then we would willingly eat crow.:)

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