Aubrey de Grey “One of the Oldest-Looking People Alive”? Compare to Elixxir!

Aubrey de Grey at 54. Elixxir at 62. Who’s Aging Slower/Faster?

“Does anyone else find it strange that Aubrey (de Grey) is one of the oldest-looking people alive? I mean, the face of staying young forever is a grizzled long-beard.” Though Adam Leith Gollner’s The Book of Immortality is decidedly biased against the idea of slowing, much less stopping aging, the blond woman who blurted out this observation in page 321 of the book can’t be dismissed as a dumb blond. On the contrary, she was as sober, honest, and candid as the boy who pointed out in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that the emperor wears no clothes. An Anti-Aging Guru who claims he’s figured out how to stop aging, but who looks much older and greyer than his age.

Aubrey de Grey, a pseduo-immortalist, has gained significant notoriety for claiming that science is about to stop biological aging dead in its tracks. Our Aubrey believes his “theory” (aka “SENS”) about how human biological aging can be conquered will be conjured into reality earlier than 2023.

Since this is almost the end of 2017, that’s only 6 years away.

De Grey assures us in tabloids and elsewhere that there’s no reason why you cannot live to be 500, 1,000 or even 5,000 years. How? Well, his SENS is going to make it all possible. If you don’t, you must be a slacker or a laggard. Or both.

Alas, our Aubrey — our Messiah wannabe — wasn’t able to save his own mother from the Grim Reaper. And he has failed to make his 73 year old wife look a day younger than her age. And he himself has deep lines on his forehead and hair going grayer by the minute.

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