RAVES: What They’re Saying!

An EXTRAORDINARY Book challenges the belief that we must grow old and dieLife Extension Magazine

A CLASSIC — Brian Alexander, MSNBC Correspondent, Wired magazine biotech columnist

I was immediately taken…ensorceled…(The life-saving breakthroughs) won’t just happen, argues the Manifesto: IT MUST BE MADE TO HAPPEN.Michael Rae, co-author and Associate of Aubrey de Grey

A PARADIGM SHIFT…powerful, original, profound, movingly right! — Rudi Hoffman, Cryonics Book Reviewer

Discover why they’re raving about The ImmorTalist Manifesto.  And why some fear it.  And don’t want you to read it.

The Powers that Be in The Death Society.  The Vatican.  The Religious Right.  The Christian Fundamentalists.  And last but not least, the Pseudo-Immortalists.  They don’t want you to read The ImmorTalist Manifesto.

We challenge you to read and decide for yourself.

Your life — and that of the planet — depends on it.

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