GDP over Swine Flu & Lives

Thanks to Swine Flu, there can be no more doubt that the GDP takes absolute priority over human lives — your human life — in the U.S.

As the Washington Post points out, “The pathogen that has seized the world’s attention has an official name (swine-origin influenza A H1N1).”

But the U.S. pork industry demands it be called something else.  Lest one pound less of pork be sold.  And heavens forbid it extends this economic collapse by even one day.  And the White House and much of the media jumped to comply.

World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alert to Level 5.  Just one short of an outright international pandemic.  It has spread to every corner of Europe.  Including Sweden.  And yet we are told to keep flying in planes to ground-zero places like the U.S. of A. and Mexico.

Overnight, the U.S. media is telling us the normal rules of hygiene and flu-prevention have suddenly become “not effective.”

You know, avoiding obviously flu-ridden persons.  Avoiding crowds where the virus can breed. Somehow face masks — a staple in Maoist China and Japan — are totally “not effective.”

Such fatalism has not been seen since the Dark Age when the plagues were seen as “acts of God.” And to be submitted to.

Just as in Global Warming, we are distracted by reckless and lethal propaganda dutifully served up by Big Media.  Which knows better.  But is part of Big Business.  This time around it’s not Exxon.  But the pesky pork industry.  (And I swear I ain’t no veggan.  In fact, love pork once in a while.)  And also the airlines and tourism industries.  Nervous nellies all about their next quarterly reports.

They demonize Joe Biden (Obama’s VP) for daring to say on TV what a pre-schooler should know about the basics of flu prevention.  Avoid crowded places if you can.  Don’t travel in planes where you have nowhere to run if there is one passenger with Swine Flu on board.

The U.S. media gang up on countries taking the most prudent and responsible precautions to protect their populations.  Countries like China who are doing the right thing.  Having learned bitter lessons from the SARS crisis.  And having been castigated then for not being proactive and quick enough!

Maybe we are extremely lucky.  But it is too early to gloat and claim victory and breed complacency.  All we know is this is a new virus we humans have no immunity to.  And that our arsenal of antiviral drugs is almost at zero.  As the Bush regime, having been warned about the imminence of something like this, went out of its merry way to slash the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and for desperate research to come up with new effective antiviral drugs.

If you cannot call such a regime The Death Society, what can you call it?

In an ImmorTalist Society, human lives are an absolute priority over the demands of the pork industry.  Or the airlines industry.  Or the tourist industry.

An ImmorTalist Society is the real Pro-Life Society.

We can afford to err on the side of prudence.  If this is indeed not the lethal epidemic that is long overdue, then the economy can recover from temporarily less travelers in the air and less swines being slaughtered and eaten.

But if the “skeptics” are wrong, and we pull our punches.  And don’t do everything we can at this point to try to stamp it out and let the virus die, then we are looking at millions of needless, preventable deaths.

And a thousand times, perhaps a million times more havoc, wreaked on the U.S. and world economy than the pork and airline and tourism industries can ever imagine.

It’s clear that the calculations made in The Death Society are radically Anti-Life.  And inherently different from the calculations which will be made in a rational, prudent, responsible, and yes, Pro-Life ImmorTalist Society.

— David S.

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