Elixxir’s Manifesto in same league as Marx’ Manifesto: Amazon.com

Amazon.com has Elixxir’s Manifesto (Cure Disease, Old Age & Death) side by side with Marx’ Manifesto. Amazon recognizes that Elixxir is the Marx of Immortalism. This is a great compliment! We assume that some literate reviewer at Amazon.com got hold of Elixxir’s manifesto, and actually read it. Now Amazon.com, the planet’s biggest bookseller, sells Elixxir’s manifesto alongside Marx’ Manifesto. An implicit recognition that Elixxir’s manifesto may very well be in the same league as Marx’ manifesto. And that Elixxir’s manifesto is every bit as life-transforming and earth-shaking as Karl Marx’ manifesto.
We applaud Amazon.com for seeing that Elixxir’s manifesto has nothing to do with Roy Walford’s dated and fatally-flawed (?) caloric restriction book (that’s for his masochistic sect). Neither does it have anything to do with Aubrey de Grey or Ray Kurzweil’s pollyanna technopian pseudo-immortalism. Elixxir’s Manifesto — Cure Disease, Old Age & Death — is in a totally different league. Amazon.com finally sees the light.
P.S. To get the $99 Elixxir newsletter gratis, you need to buy a new copy of Cure Disease, Old Age & Death, not a second-hand marked-up soiled reviewer’s copy.

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