Chinese Scientists Use Progeria to close in on Aging; Elixxir Pointed to Progeria 2 Years Ago

Dec. 27, 2012 — Aubrey de Grey is still clueless. But Hong Kong scientists are using Progeria –the disease of premature aging which turns children into old people–to zero in on the mysteries of biological aging.
In his new book “Cure Disease, Old Age & Death,” Elixxir pointed at Progeria as a route for anti-aging research to explore. This was over 2 years ago. It’s all in pages 239 to 240.

Elixxir–who advocates a new paradigm for cancer and heart disease research– wonders aloud why Progeria research has been so neglected, and tells us why it should not be.

Elixxir writes: “There can be no more compelling evidence that Aging is a disease than the dramatic premature aging we see in Progeria or Werner Syndrome…And maybe this is why they are neglected in research and funding in The Death Society on the flimsy excuse that they are a ‘rare disease.’

He asks “Does it take an Einstein to grasp that this rare disease Progeria may help us unravel the mystery of human biological aging?”

So maybe more researchers on the aging process should be reading Elixxir’s manifesto? Or maybe some of them already are? And maybe you too? That is, if you’re interested in a cure for cancer and heart disease and all the top disease-killers.

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