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The Official Site of Scientific Immortalism.  ImmorTality in This Life.  Why Get Sick, Grow Old & Die?

The only scientific and practical gameplan to extend your youthspan, healthspan, and lifespan indefinitely.

The $64 million question:  Will the breakthroughs for cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and Aging come in time for you?

The second question is:  what can we do to speed up the anti-aging disease-curing breakthroughs so that they come in time to save us?

The third question is:  How can we make sure they will be available or affordable to all who needs it and wants it?

Immortality is the most ancient and undying dream of the human species.  And for the first time in history, 21st century Science, Medicine and Technology have given us the tools to make it come true.  Unless global warming destroys civilization, it is just a matter of time.


Not all schemes to attain immortality are created equal.  Caveat Emptor.  Buyers Beware.

Like an immortalist Consumer’s Advocate, here on this site we will unflinchingly scrutinize and compare all the various different strategies to achieve immortality.

The stakes are simply too high to be kept in the dark.  Or to keep silent.

To be viable, a movement must go through vigorous debate to sift good from fatally flawed strategies.  To distinguish able from incompetent leadership.

In its 20th century phase, after over four decades (more than 45 years), the “movement” is still fledging, still in the startup stage.

Why?  When movements like the Civil Rights, Feminist, Religious Right, and Gay movements have all seized their seats at the funding table, and are entrenched now in the corridors of power.

Why has the so-called immortalist movement done so abysmally?  Why is it only a few thousand when it should be hundreds of millions?  Why when it has the biggest dream, the biggest agenda of all?

How do we start a new immortalist movement? One which understands that without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.  One which can acquire the audacious and aggressive leadership, with the ability to inspire the majority, and use the right tactical and strategic moves to clinch The Big Prize in time to save us.

Let the debate start.  And let it point us in the correct direction.  In the path which will save us from Disease, Old Age & Death.

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