2016 U.S. Elections Ignored Americans Fighting Cancer, Heart Disease & Stroke….Again!

The so-called campaign and “elections” for the 2016 presidential elections ended without the plight and concerns of Americans fighting cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Obesity and other life-threatening diseases becoming even a minor issue. Apparently, the live-and-death struggle of countless millions is not a political issue. It’s not on any political radar. It’s not on the list of questions of any debate moderator. And it is of little or no concern to the Republican and Democratic Party.

No wonder there’s such a total disconnect between the Washington Beltway and Main Street America!

Even though every year the deaths from just these three killer-diseases count for over over half of all U.S. Deaths. That is, over a million Americans dead.

So, in not so many words, the message of the Mortalist government and Mortalist parties to you who are living with cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other killer diseases is: Drop Dead!

The real heroes fighting the real terrors are the people living with and fighting diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, AIDS, Parkinson’s, spinal paralysis. Many of them are still contributing to our society and to our economy every single day. Yes, you probably know of such people. People who still go to the office, still do their jobs, even when in the throes of chemotherapy.

And they get no assistance or bailout whatsoever from the U.S. government. For Wall Street, in 2008, the two parties were united in their fervor to bail out the big banks, the investment banking houses, and the car industry. Too big to fail, you see. But apparently you and I, little people all, are not too big to fail.

Well, from the Democrats and Obama, the little people with cancer, heart disease, stroke and other major afflictions may get some miserable miserly crumbs from the funding table. As for the Republicans, they don’t even believe in miserable miserly crumbs. Nope, that smacks of affirmative action.

The National Institutes of Health — the crown jewel of U.S. research on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, AIDS — has lost 25% of its purchasing power since 2003.

If you’re suffering from cancer, heart disease, COPD, diabetes, obesity, and other life-threatening afflictions, what this shocking statistic tells you is that the Mortalist regime would not mind if you just Drop Dead.

And that’s why Elixxir calls this a Mortalist regime or “The Death Society” in his new ebook Cure Disease, Old Age & Death. https://gum.co/TheCure

The U.S. Mortalist regime – whether Republican or Democrat — does not feel the least need to even pay the most token of attention to the urgent life-and-death needs of the tens of millions of hardworking citizens and residents who have played by the rulebook and many of whom are still toiling and contributing to society.

What are the two ruling parties saying in 2015 leading to 2016 to Americans with heart disease, cancer, stroke? To boomers who have made possible the boom years under Clinton but now approach a cold, nasty and poor old age with no retirement security, and in fact no retirement whatsoever in sight?

The 64 million dollar question: when are people with cancer, heart disease, and stroke, when are the aging and not-so-rich boomers going to finally say “We’re not gonna take it anymore!”

When are we going to stop being so docile and fatalistic?

When are we going to organize against the two parties and their wretched Mortalist regime?

When are we going to throw the bums out? We got the numbers. No question about that.

The questions is do we have the political will, and is our instinct for self-preservation intact or decadent beyond repair?

And most of all, will we have the political organizations to make our voices heard, and our life-and-death needs met.

And we don’t buy the notion that people undergoing chemo or suffering from heart failure or paralyzed by a stroke or struggling with the onset of old age simply don’t have the energy or money or health to churn up a movement.

If that’s so, how did gay people with AIDS create ACT UP and a loud, effective movement while they were struggling with a most stigmatized and debilitating terminal ailment and while also being part of the most ostracized minority in America?

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